Moyu Weilong Gts V2 Review: To Buy Or Not?

The WeilongGts V2 is influenced by some of the top speed cubes in the market. The GTS V2 is the successor to the original GTS and is the fourth cube in the Weilong lineup.

This line of cubes has been used to set many records. Drew used the GTS to break the 4.76 in 3x3 single, and Max Park used it in the 10.59 OH world record average.  Other cubers such as Gianfranco and Antoine Canton also used the GTS as their three by three main.

Even the packaging of this cube is superb. It comes in a nice-looking magnetic box which is something to keep in your collection.

First Impression

The size has been reduced to 50.55 mm down from 50.65 mm, and it now weighs 80.2g. On the color shade, they have also opted to go for a slightly darker blue on the V2 compared to the V1. This one is now using oracle stickers which are thinner and more durable.


GTS 2 has a few new design features which separate it from the GTS 1. One very obvious change is the split piece design which now allows for the production of stickerless versions.

Another big change was the addition of wings on the edges. These wings interact with the corner stalks and create a lot more surface area of contact.

This sets it apart from the GTS 1 which has a tapering corner stock that only touches the edge at one small point. Additionally, the GTS 2 features two indents on the edges. This is one more than the GTS one which only has one indent.

The edge of the GTS 2 also has a ridge at one corner. Lastly, moving on to the corners, the GTS 2 have lost the split grooves. This combined with the uniform corner stock that we explored earlier gives the pieces a lot more contact.



The feel is changed quite a bit from the original GTS. It now has a much more solid blunt feeling when turning quickly. If you're turning quickly, the pieces hit together very hard and feel thicker than the original GTS.

When it is set up properly, this cube becomes very smooth and fast. It can corner cut over 45 for normal cuts and near lines line for a reverse which has been the standard for high-performance 3x3.

The cube still has the squared off corners to prevent corner twists just like the original, and I’ve found that it does a great job doing that.

Pops are not an issue with this cube. In fact, when the cube is on tighter tension, it is actually kind of hard to get a piece out of the cube.

Now that I've gone over the general information let's hear from some of the users of this cube.

Personal Opinion

Chris Olson from has been using the GTS 1 as his main for quite some time now. When he heard that the GTS 2 was coming out, he switched his main.

It made quite the hype in the community when the GTS 2 was launched. Everyone was really curious and wanted to know what MoYu would do to improve upon the v1.


The feel has changed quite a bit, and it's now a lot more similar to the Valk. To me, it's kind of like a Valk that isn't as hollow and the pieces glide across each other a little bit easier.

The magnetic version of the GTS 2 has received more fame than the stock one. The magnets help add a little bit of stability to the puzzle. But, it doesn't really have without them.

The puzzle isn't bad without magnets, but I think in general, I prefer having magnets rather than not having magnets.

One thing you’ll miss from the GTS one is the feeling on the outside of the puzzle. It feels a bit bubblier and rounder. The GTS 2 feels a bit more squared off. Nothing that hurts the performance of the cube, but it was just something that felt kind of nice.


The traits I like most about this cube are the fifty-five point five-millimeter size and the added internal contact in comparison to the V one.

These traits combined create a cube that is compact, reliable and stable. Generally, I feel that the DTS 2 is a much more polished product in comparison to the V one.

Out of the box, this cube is a lot less flexible and squishy. The factory lube doesn't feel too bad. I also like how MoYu started using higher quality vinyl. That old vinyl drove cubers absolutely crazy.

It's interesting to note that with the GTS 2 now use the same half-bright scheme with the deep blue and the thorough bright orange. While the stickers are nice, there are sometimes a few air bubbles here and there. That's sometimes a drawback with the thinner stickers.

OH Use

Another thing I like about this cube is that it's quite good for one-handed.  The GTS II suits your one-handed needs much better. The nice weight behind rotating a layer will let your fingers follow through more.

I'm glad there's a modern 3x3 that I really like for OH use. All in all, this is a very nice cube and a great improvement over the v1. MoYu definitely thought this one out. The packaging, design, the functions are quite good.

Breaking In

The GTS 2 features a slightly blocky and scratchy feeling. With some breaking in and some heavier lubricants, the cube becomes much smoother and faster.

Final Thoughts

The cube is very customizable during setup which is very appealing, and it will make your transition to a new main much easier.

That’s all I can say for the MoyuWeilongGts V2 Review. Hope you enjoyed this article and prepped up to make this cube your new main.

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