NFL Football Sizes

NFL Football Sizes: Everything You Need To Know and More

Every Football fanatic has dreamed, at least once, of throwing the ovoid like his/her favorite quarterback in the NFL.

But to shoot the football like them, you don’t only need talent, you also need to know the game entirely, or well enough to get the most out of it.

And one of the most important parts you should always know is the size of everything. Among them, you can find the size of the football. This is essential if you want to throw like a master.

So, are you interested in knowing more about this? Then come and find out about football sizes and more!

What is the Football?

The football (the ball) has its history apart from the game itself. When American Football appeared at the half of the XIX century, this sport was rough and almost unplayable in comparison to the current one. Taking different features from soccer & rugby, American football was a total disaster.

One of the problems this game had was the football. Yes, even the ball was a problem within the game, as no one knew what was the right shape or size to play correctly.

In the beginning, the ball was bigger, more cumbersome, and instead of being an ovoid like today’s – it was actually rounded. And of course, it was always made of leather. Scraps of leather taken from other things and put together with flimsy thread.

Eventually, the American Football Association decided to make the rules of the game official. And one of the rules was the right size and shape of the ball.

To get the most out of it, especially when thrown – the association decided to make the ball an ovoid. And of course, it started slowly to develop and become the ball we know today.

Interesting Things about the Football

A few things about the football often get overlooked by most people – even those who claim themselves to be experts. Here are a few things you may not know about the ovoid ball:

  • In every NFL football game, the only brand that makes the footballs is Wilson; this brand is the leading company of footballs in the world.
  • After starting every match, the company that makes the ball leaves a box with twelve footballs inside, inflated and weighed out with specifications. They check all of the footballs two hours before the game, so there are no problems with them.
  • The football has a rubber pocket inside which contains the air. That’s where the air is retained, and thus the ball gains the bouncy & rigid form.
  • The American Football features are different from the Canadian one. In the NFL, the ball is slightly smaller.

Going Into the American Football Features

The American football ball is one of the most popular things in this game. Looking at it crossing the sky through the stadium’s lights is one of the most exciting things about the sport.

But how does the ovoid ball do that? Well, taking a look at a few of its features may tell you why:

  • The Football’s Sizes: The American football ball presents three sizes; short, medium and large. The large axis is 11 inches approximately, the large circumference is 28 inches, and the small edge is 21 inches.
  • The American Football Weight: Professionally, the football must fulfill with specific conditions. And the air used to fill it up is one of these. The numbers to do it in NFL can vary between 12 to 13 pounds² of air.
  • American Football Overall Weight: The overall weight means the finished ball, covered, filled, with everything that is necessary to get used form the interior to the exterior. In American football, the ovoid can go from 380grs up to 420grs in weight.
  • The Football: most of us when hearing the word “ball” we have the image of a round object in our minds. But the American football isn’t that way; the true form of this football is ovoid. Yes, could be weird or unknown, but it is not a “ball” after all, it is ovoid.

Why Are These Features that Important?

When we see that ovoid flying across the field, it is almost impossible thinking about how powerful we should be to do that. The thing is, of course, you need to be good, and train that hard, but this flying style comes precisely from its shape.

In the beginning, this football was just a rounded leather ball, kind of hard to throw. Passes were almost the only way to put in motion to the ball; the rules did not support the long throwing or passes we know today. The American Football Federation changed the features of the ball making it easier to throw.

The first man who made a long shooting was Bradbury Robinson, performing in 1907 the first spiral shoot in history. Since that moment, the American Football gameplay has changed until becoming the sport we know today, with flying ovoid balls all over the place.

Knowing the Size is Essential for Becoming a Perfect Player!

Today, American Football has become one of the most significant sports in the world. And the NFL is easily one of the most-watched organizations as well. But of course, it all starts with the ball.

Knowing the ball is an essential of every player’s career. Whether it is the quarterback throwing the ball for long distances, or a runner catching the ball uncomfortably – knowing more about it, will give them the edge for becoming professionals.

So, are you ready to start getting the best from your skills? Then learning about the football is a great way to start! Knowing this will give you lots of advantages for sure! Start playing to know and become the best out there!

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