Best 5X5 Cube Reviews

The Best 5X5 Cube Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Upon its invention, Rubik's Cube has become the hallmark of puzzle games all over the world. It has captured the intrigue of millions as countless players flock to try and solve the engaging puzzle.

However, over almost four decades, everyone seems to have figured the standard Rubik's Cube out.

The 5X5 cube is a different beast entirely. Also, the new extra dimension adds an incredible depth to the game. The time to switch to these cubes is here, and we will help you discover the ones.

How Much is a 5X5 Rubik’s Cube?

Before we recommend you several superb cubes, we must first learn how much you should expect to pay for one. As it is more significant than its 3X3 counterpart, the 5X5 cube is generally more expensive.

That is not to say that these cubes are costly; they are quite reasonably priced. With that being said, let us discuss hard numbers. You should be able to find a decent 5X5 cube at around 5 to 7 dollars. However, for the best cubes, be ready to spend from 10 to 15 dollars.

10 Best 5X5 Rubik’s Cube Reviews

Now that you are educated about the prices, here is a list of reviews of the ten 5X5 Rubik's Cubes. Let us see what each cube has to offer.

1. ShengShou 5x5 Speed Cube

If speed is what you want, then the first entry already has you covered. While 3X3 cubes already provide an adequate challenging experience, 5X5 cubes take that challenge to a whole new level. Learning how to solve it is both exciting and challenging.

However, once you have mastered how to solve the cube, what remains is to learn how to solve it faster. As such, cubes need to be built for fast and smooth turns, or else they become annoying to use rather than fun.

ShenShou brings the first cube to the table, capable of providing superior speed for harsh turns and quick adjustments. It will bring out the most of your time trials, producing faster records and satisfying results.

It is made with high-quality plastic, offering you adjustable settings to maximize your efficiency as you will be able to adjust the tension to your preference.

This is made better by the fast cornering capabilities, maximizing your productivity while also offering greater comfort and smoother feel. The high-quality plastic also does wonders for its effectiveness.


  • High-quality plastic makes it comfortable to use
  • Fast cornering lets you solve your cube much faster
  • Adjustable tension allows you to customize the cube in a way that best suits you
  • Very low price


  • Quite small for a 5X5 Rubik's Cube
  • The stickers tend to come off

2. D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 5x5 Speed Cube

Something everyone wants from a Rubik's Cube is durability. These puzzles are solved multiple times, with an emphasis placed on increasing speed. As a result, they will be twisted and turned countless times.

Naturally, they depreciate and teeters out from the constant use. As a result, you will need to change lots of cubes in your lifetime.

D-Fantix's Cyclone Boys understands this inconvenience and sets out to solve it. How so? They do it by making something among the highest quality Rubik's cubes in the market. This 5X5 is highly modified to enable the best puzzle-solving experience out there.

You feel one with the cube as every turn feels smooth and natural as if you were part of the cube yourself. It is expertly constructed to reduce chances of pieces falling off. This item even comes without stickers, instead, emphasizing on the fact that it has eco-friendly ABS material.

The cube offers incredible smoothness and precision. They move just the right amount where you will not feel like you have over or under turned a piece. It is a superb overall Rubik's cube that deserves the attention of professionals and hobbyists alike.


  • The anti-pop function reduces parts from falling off
  • Smooth, fast, and eloquent performance
  • Made with eco-friendly ABS material
  • Durable and long-lasting build


  • May not provide the best performance immediately
  • Might be a bit small for some people’s taste

3. CFMOUR Rubiks Cube, Rubix Cube Speed Cube

When it comes to having a sleek and engaging design, no cube looks as good as the Cfmour Rubik's Cube. However, it would be foolish to assume that this cube sacrifices its quality to maximize style. It does not. This cube is filled to the brim with myriads of features that elevate it to exciting heights.

For one, turning on this cube is as precise as it gets. You can turn each side exactly as fast as you need it. Worried about overturns? No need to fear, the Cfmour cube turns accurately and snaps into its new position smoothly.

We all know that everybody turns cubes differently. Some like to apply a lot of strength, while others like to use a little. That is why they must find a cube that best handles their methods.

This product astoundingly accommodates both parties by introducing a revolutionary spring adjustable design, allowing you to adjust the cube's tightness as you see fit.

Finally, when dealing with a sleekly designed cube, many worry how long that design will last. Cube stickers have a history of falling off or curling. This, subsequently, ruins the aesthetic and playable value of the cubes.

Cfmour dodges this issue entirely by employing high-quality frosted stickers that do not curl, fall off, or sustain scratches no matter how roughly you use it.


  • Great aesthetic design
  • High-quality strikers
  • Easily adjustable tightness
  • Incredibly corner cutting


  • The design may not appeal to those who prefer the classics
  • Colored outlines make the cube harder to follow for beginners

4. Vdealen 63.5mm Speed Cube

Vdealen 63.5mm Speed Cube

When looking for a reliable and long-lasting, and ultimately nature-friendly cube, then Vdealen has you covered with their 63.55mm cube. Harboring functionality, longevity, usability, and comfort, you will be hard-pressed to find a better cube at this price. So, let us get into what makes this cube so great.

Let us start by mentioning how it feels. For one, it is made with non-toxic ABS. Meaning, you will not only be getting excellent quality, but also an assurance of safety due to its non-toxic materials. Are you worried about stickers peeling off?

Well, fret not, as this cube has no stickers, granting vivid coloring without the need of labels. Moreover, it is astounding. The classic colors represented with such vivid coloring brings out the best experience when solving.

There is no point in high-quality materials if the cube does not make the most of it. Thankfully, Vdealen delivers an incredible experience with a fast and smooth cube. They expertly rounded the internal corners of the cube for the highest quality cornering and turns possible.

With adjustable tension, you can make the cube feel like an extension of yourself. All of this is accomplished with the benefit of being recyclable, allowing you to help the planet along with your derived fun.


  • Made with non-toxic ABS
  • Is completely stickerless
  • Rounded out internal corners for better and quicker turns
  • Fully recyclable


  • Reassembly may be difficult for beginners
  • Keeping loose tension may cause popping

5. Coogam Qiyi 5x5 Speed Cube


Hailing from China, we introduce a magnificent and reliable cube. Coogam has an incredible rep for being a high standard brand that reliably provides state of the art and long-lasting Rubik’s cubes. Although a great model, the Qiyi 5X5 fell just short of being a perfect cube.

Any other brand would have left their cube as it is, but not Coogam. The upgraded version, the Qizheng S, fixes the tiny issues that plagued the standard model to make itself one among the best in the industry.

First thing you will notice about this model, is that it comes without stickers. It is widely debated whether stickers are worth the trouble, and it ultimately falls onto you, the consumers to determine what feels better for you.

Despite that fact, this cube accommodates the taste of both parties, with a superb feel and unbeatable material.

Furthermore, it is made with state-of-the-art Rubik’s cube technology. Fast cornering and anti-pop are taken to their highest levels, enabling an unbeatable experience; perfect for setting records.

The smoothness is even further optimized with its non-stick feature. Truly, it offers among the best experiences a cube can offer.


  • Latest Rubik’s Cube engineering
  • Vividly colored non-stick cube
  • Made with eco-friendly material
  • Utter smoothness


  • It may lock up in some cases
  • It may not be the best for highly competitive speedcubers

6. Twister.CK 5x5 Speed Cube


When we buy a cube, we want it to be of high quality. That fact is almost universal. Some cube designs go over what may be considered high-quality and go further beyond. A very good example of such a product is the Twister.CK 5X5 cube.

A lot of the feel of a 5X5 cube comes with how it moves. If a cube were to get stuck while solving it, the immersion is broken, and it feels more like a chore than a fun game. To counter that, Twister. CK has come up with an expertly structured cube. It makes corners elegantly and is highly pop-resistant.

Moreover, it is designed to last ages and survive whatever you throw at it. What truly cements its high-quality feel is its carbon fiber stickers. If you have ever used a carbon-fiber stickered Rubik's Cube, you know what we mean.

In case you have not experienced the smoothness, and dependability of these stickers yet, you need to experience it firsthand. The stickers remain solid and hard to peel off while offering you a significant amount of grip, making it even easier to turn and harder to drop.


  • Colored with non-toxic paints
  • Made with reliable ABS material
  • Carbon fiber stickers provide excellent grip
  • Precision cornering


  • The coloring makes it harder to reassemble for beginners
  • May break if it falls harshly on a hard surface

7. Yuxin Magic Cube Kirin 5x5x5 Puzzle Cube Black


So far, we have been talking about a lot of superb cubes. The cubes came with a lot of functions and features. Whether it be advanced cornering engineering, pre-lubrication, or whatever they may be, the brands pride these features when introducing their quality cubes.

However, Yuxin presents the Kirin, a standard Rubik's cube with the quality worthy of ten. It does everything a standard 5X5 cube should, but with such elegance, class, and grace that it elevates it to incredible heights. This is all while maintaining a modest price.

Let us put this bluntly, the Kirin's turning is divine. From the first turn you make, you will realize that you have something special in your hands. Each movement feels crisper than the last, as your hand will begin to get addicted to each turn.

One usually has to worry about pops when dealing with a cube with such stellar turns; not this cube, though. It retains its smooth corner cutting without dealing with pops, even when used aggressively.

Overall, this is truly a masterpiece of a cube. It does have a few drawbacks, mainly being very small for a 5X5 cube, but the value it gives you is hard to beat. This is especially clear considering how reasonably priced it is.


  • Extremely crisp turns
  • Durable stickers that are hard to peel
  • Cheap compared to the offered value
  • Does not need to be lubricated


  • Very small compared to other cubes
  • Users with bigger hands may struggle to solve them effectively

8. Cuberspeed YuXin Cloud 5x5 Stickerless Magic Cube


Some solve 5X5 cubes as a simple pass time. However, some play to compete. They solve the cube to set personal records. The faster, the better. There is inherent competitiveness about being able to solve the Rubik's Cube more quickly than all of your friends.

Also, there are records dedicated to solving the cube the fastest. Unfortunately, not all cubes can handle such tension. Many pops as a result, and some even break apart.

So, there is a need for cubes that can handle that kind of stress. This is where Cuberspeed comes in. This brand is dedicated to ensuring their cubes are the ones that allow you to top records. These are expertly made to withstand countless turns and even more pressure. They are designed to be solved as fast as possible.

Their Yuxin Cloud may be the poster child of such quality. It comes with the latest and greatest cornering technology, and anti-pop. This is built with the exact kind of durability needed to withstand rough use. It also provides vibrant colors and useful material for added value.


  • Designed for fast solving
  • Can withstand rough use
  • Fast and precise cornering to maximize speed
  • High-quality stickerless cube


  • Instructions only come in one language
  • Colors, although vivid, are somewhat off

9. D-FantiX Qiyi Qizheng S 5x5 Speed Cube


A considerable drawback for 5X5 cubes, compared to 3X3 cubes is that they are massive. Of course, it has to be bigger, considering it comes with an additional portion. That may bring an entirely new dimension to the game, but it also makes the cube bigger and harder to carry.

Rubik's cubes are such a great experience because of how portable it is. You can easily take a 3X3 cube anywhere.

5X5 cubes somewhat lack this convenience, and as a result, varies significantly from size to an extent. It is hard to find a size that is just right. This unit, however, has been expertly made to be the perfect size to ensure portability.

Yes, it may not be suitable for everyone, but it is generally very pleasing for everyone who wants to take their cubes to different places.

D-FantiX has achieved such a perfectly proportioned cube without sacrificing any of the core features that make a Rubik's Cube a good one. Anti-stick, smooth turning, scratch-proof surface, adjustability; the cube has it all. It makes itself the perfect cube to be taken anywhere.


  • Vividly colored and stickerless
  • Anti-stick surface for maximum smoothness
  • Perfectly sized for portability
  • Surface hardly leaves scratches


  • Small size may not appeal to some
  • Somewhat lacking when speed solving

10. D-FantiX Moyu Cubing Classroom MF5S 5x5 Speed Cube


When the name Moyu is uttered among the Rubik’s cube speedsolving community, you are bound to find a few heads turned. Such people will tell you how incredible such cubes are and make you marvel at its glory. Truly, if you want an assured masterpiece cube, Moyu is where to go.

The first thing you will notice about this unit is its design. It may seem like an average cube with black outlines, but these outlines help contrast with the color. This massively builds focus and helps maintain attention, as it becomes easier to keep track of the colors and each piece.

Moreover, these pieces are constructed excellently with a myriad of advantages. Moyu cubes are designed to handle the pressures of speedcubing. These are designed specifically for this purpose.

As it is designed with speedcubing as its focus, it comes with the most excellent versions of all cubing technology. Assured anti-pop, reliable durability, fast cornering, and it's very own dual center structure.

All of these offers you the best possible performance for speedcubing. There is a good reason why they can be considered the best 5X5 cube out there.


  • Superb performance
  • Among the best anti-pop in the industry
  • Structured with ABS material
  • Anti-stick and feels great in your hands


  • Quite expensive compared to other cubes
  • Everyone may not prefer pre-lubrication

Before You Buy, What Should You Know

As stated before, no Rubik's Cube is universally loved by everyone. Everyone has their preferences in one aspect or another that ultimately make up their perfect cube. So, you must know some facts and features about 5X5 cubes before you decide to buy them.

The Size and Weight

People’s preference in the size and weight of a cube varies greatly. While some might prefer bulkier cubes, others may want light and small. It is best if you identify what best suits you before you buy one.

Smoothness of Cornering

Using a rough 5X5 cube is more frustrating than fun. So, it is best to find a cube that you feel like can make the best corners. Such a cube can generate the smoothest and fastest experience.


In case you did not know, popping is when pieces of your Rubik's Cube fall out when trying to make corners. Pops are the source of a lot of annoyance and frustration for many solvers. So, it is best to look for cubes that are resistant to pops for ease of continued use.


Much like pops, locking is a major annoyance in the cubing community. It occurs when the cube gets stuck in a position and needs to be carefully adjusted to move further. This breaks your flow and immersion.

As such, it is best to carefully search out and choose a cube that does not lock easily. Locks and pops are why you should avoid cheaper cubes.


We all have our unique preferences when it comes to how tight we want our cube. Some of us want it loose and nimble, while others wish it was sturdy and tight. As such, tightness adjustability is vital for self-customization of a cube. Make sure the cube you buy has this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all the cubes on this list contain adjustability?

As adjustability is a vital feature for any cube, most of the listed cubes contain this feature.

2. What is the minimum age for these cubes?

5X5 cubes are made up of numerous small parts. As a result, they are widely considered not suitable for children under the age of 3 or 4.

3. Are these cubes suitable for children?

5X5 cubes offer children an engaging intellectual challenge that helps them to grow mentally while having fun. So, they are great for children of all ages.

4. Should I take a cube with or without stickers?

This depends on your personal preferences. It is best for you first to get a feel of a cube with stickers and ones without before you make an ultimate decision on which one is better for you. Keep in mind that different stickers feel different, so it is important to test those out too.

5. How do I solve a 5X5 cube?

Most of the Rubik's cubes on this list comes with instructions on how to solve the 5X5 cube. You will be able to solve one if you try to follow said instructions carefully. If they are not easy to understand, numerous sources on the internet can aid you in solving the 5X5 cube effectively.

Final Verdict

With ten options to choose from, and the knowledge to know what is best for you, you are now ready to choose one that will be the best 5X5 cube for you. Get ready for a whole new world of puzzle-solving euphoria. Happy Cubing!

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