How To Throw A Football Further Away Accurately

How To Throw A Football Further Away Accurately?

Have you ever thrown an American football ball? Do you know how it feels? Well, in American Football, throwing the ball is maybe the most critical part as a quarterback, for example. If you learn how to throw it, you can be the soul of a whole team.

But throwing the football nicely, accurately, and effectively is not as easy as it seems. Here, we go over each of the most important details when it comes to throwing the football the right way. Come further and find out how!

How to Master the Throwing of the Ball?

As usual, to do something right, we have to practice a lot. In American Football, throwing a ball is not only about throwing a ball. The professional assigned to develop this extremely subtle move is the quarterback. And that person has to practice years, and have the right arm, and the talent to become one.

If you want to enhance your throw, you will have to practice a lot. Some recommendations given by professional players are that you must take/hold the ball with your hands, feel its texture, teach your muscles' hands, and find the perfect technic. And this can take years without a doubt.

There are key points to do this like to know well the ball and its features, for example, the seams, divisions, and weight. How the football reacts when flying against the air at maximum speed, and more. These essential characteristics in the moment of throwing, tell the difference between a spit and a cannon shot.

The One who throws the Ball: The Quarterback

The quarterback is the one that throws the ball through the entire game. Try to figure out how accurate you should be to throw a medium-size leather ball for more than 30 meters each time and put it precisely on your teammates’ hands. It’s hard, and not everyone masters it.

Many players around the world invest years of their lives to develop this ability, trying to be better consecutively. To master the technic, to catch the physical condition necessary to power your “cannon,” you need to get involved with the game, feel what they feel in that moment.

The quarterback is the only player who can throw the ball; that is why this position is significant for the whole group. There is always an alternate for the defensive or offensive line, but not enough quarterbacks to replace.

Tips to throw the ball accurately:

  • You have to take the ball into your hands.
  • Put the ball in a 90° angle close to your ears, holding with both hands.
  • Try to open your shooting hand widely, to create the effect or to get the more extended range.
  • Try to create a semi-circle when throwing the ball.
  • Practice, practice, and practice.
  • Master the technic.

How to Properly throw the Football with Small Hands?

There are many tremendous players with exceptional abilities, with large bodies looking like mountains, fast and rough. But for some players, this is not true. Having small hands, for example, makes throwing a football a lot harder.

So, how can you accurately throw a football further accurately with small hands? The answer is here!

Trindon Holliday well known as “the little giant” is the smallest Football player in NFL with just 5.4 feet of height. Can you imagine this man against 6.5 even 6.7 feet beasts?

Well, as said before, the mind, sometimes, is the only limitation. And for this man, there was none.

Some American football players say that at the moment to throw the ball “having small hands” it may get an extra effect that makes it twist during the flight. Some others say that it is uncomfortable due to the range they have to take the ball.

Some of the smallest American football players like Darren Sproles, Brandon Banks, or Trindon Holliday say that this is not a limitation. You have to adapt your game play style to your capacities and take as much advantage as you can.

Of course, it will be harder if you have small hands. But that does not mean it is impossible. With the right mindset, practice, and overall drive – throwing the ball with small hands is not a problem at all.

Features of the Football: Small or Big Hands?

Those who want to throw the football, to be great quarterbacks like Jimmy Garoppolo or Derek Carr, for example; should know the accurate features related to the ball.

As a Painter knows its dyes, an American Football player must know well the football. Which are those football important characteristics you should know?

  • Size: the football's volume has two parts: long and middle. The long or extremes size rounds 11 inches, and the extended central area 28 inches approximately.
  • Weight: here we have the air used to blow up the ball is around 12 pounds per square inch, and its overall weight is between 380Grs – 450Grs approximately.

Want to Become the Best Thrower Out There?

As you should know already, throwing the ball is not easy in any way. Quarterbacks have to develop amazing skills to become a good one, eventually becoming the heart of a football team. And this is a lot of responsibility to take.

But of course, again, it’s all about practice. If you want to become a perfect thrower, there’s nothing else you should do than to practice and master your technic – no matter who you are.

So, what are you waiting for? Start practicing today and master your throw to become a top-notch quarterback!

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