what is a football helmet made of

What is a Football Helmet Made of?

Who do not get overwhelming emotions while watching a Football Game on TV, watching those passes flying side by side or all those helmets collating each other?

It is almost impossible not to do that. The adrenaline we feel through each quarter is one of the most loved sensations that fanatics can get.

But, as you enjoy watching those plays; have you asked yourself any time if your team members suffer after those violent crashes?

A common question might be what are their helmets made of? If you want to know a bit more about how it feels crashing your head against huge muscle walls, check the article and enjoy the passion.

Little Introduction to American Football Game Helmets

Since the century of 1800, the world has seen burn and change one of the most influential Sports in the world, the American Football. To understand how American Football came this far, we have to take a look at the past along all its changes and evolutions (game style), it doesn’t sound that hard.

To make it easier, we need to read about some essential things; gameplay, rules, the ball, or in this case, the equipment. Moving on, have you ever thought about the American Football Helmets, what are they made of?

Well, to introduce this crucial topic, it is necessary to say that the American Football wasn’t always played in the same way; it was a bit “unsafe” and rough. Players didn’t have protection equipment, just pants, shirt, and a “leather band” during the game.

All this clothing was changing year after year until reaching the actual garment. Too many players went injured giving space to the emblematic and rough American Football Helmet.

As I said, in the beginning, the players just used a kind of leather band that covered their heads, but to be honest; try to imagine those collisions with a hard helmet? Painful for sure!

So, after lots of changes and after the sport got popularity, the American Football Association, with some notable figures in football introduced the changes, the well-known American Football Helmet.

In words of some professional players: people think that crashes are weaker because of the equipment and protection we have, but the reality is that this clothing is used as a weapon, more than welfare.

American Football Helmet

The American Football helmet debuted at the beginning of the football as a simple bandana changing to a simple leather hood until reaching the great, rough and impenetrable American Football Helmet seen nowadays. But, who is the hand beside this magnificent creation?

Well, every good idea has a great mind hidden beneath and the name is Paul Brown. The helmet consists in a helmet made of a hard synthetic roof with a padding inside and a steel face bar to avoid damage on the face during the play. One of this helmets’ features is that it absorbs some impacts.

There are football players who add a glass polarized to protect the eyes and any impact on them caused by lights.

In addition to Mr. Brown through the story of this American Football Helmet, we find people as Rives Joseph who modified and used a different hat made of leather to protect his ears and head, and George Barclay who use earmuffs and straps to protect his head too; in the last decade of 1800.

After all those changes and contributions, the American Football Association established the use of the helmet as a rule. It should be noted that even using the helmet, some players still suffer and get considerable damage to their heads.

Features of American Football Helmet

The American Football Helmet is one of the most important things in this sport, and most representative aspect seen for the fanatics. Well, trying to figure out if this helmet really helps to keep safe our favorite football players, is important to list its principal characteristics:

1. Made of hard synthetic material.

2. Steel face bar defense which absorb some energy of the impact.

3. A polarized glass to protect eyes from light rays.

4. Soft inside which cover almost the entire head (parts more affected).

5. Its average weight touches 3.3 pounds, regularly.

6. Its sizes can vary depending on the player’s dimensions and depending on the position the player takes, the helmet features and form changes.

Its overall sizes vary depending on the player sizes and depending on the position the player plays,this essential part of the American Football equipment keep changing day by day getting better to offer even more protection to players.

Because even using these helmets the crashed keep hurting (some times more than usual) and more to some players.

Is there any Football Helmet considered as the Best?

Well, the American Football Helmet also have its Mercedes Benz. This helmet was considered as one of the best in 2007, The Schutt ION 4D. This cool hat was designed on a request made for American Football players to have more safety equipment.

This special design was made of very strong synthetic material with a face protector which absorbs energy from the impacts lowering the damage. But, giving sad news for those players, it is almost impossible to get a helmet which totally avoids the energy generated after a crash.

In 2016 was thrown the VICIS ZERO1, this helmet was designed in a collaboration between the university of Washington and the helmet’s developer VICIS.

This helmet was created because of Football players' claims. They said that cerebral injuries caused for head crashes are due to the League not protecting their players.

So, this company in collaboration with the Washington University designed this helmet which has special features like three covers; the first two absorb the impact (the material can be deformed but it returns to the original form before the next hit), weightless, the last cover keep the head (inside) in position even after the crash.

This helmet works like a shock absorber which warranties excellent results after any impact, the thing is that these three covers isolate the impact abounding cerebral injuries. It also counts with a security system in case that the player needs to be immobilized.

Interesting Facts about American Football Helmet

  • In 1940 was stablished the use of helmets as a protection legally (it was still made of leather).
  • Reaching 1950 was introduced the polymers helmets which replaced the leather one until today.
  • EighteenAmerican Football players died because of head injuries and more than one hundred got serious lesions.
  • Theodore Roosevelt almost prohibited the practicing of American Football because of its insecurities that affected practically hundred percent of players.
  • In 1950, some teams started to add communicational devices in the helmets to communicate the quarterback and the coach.

Very interesting things like these happened, and kept repeating to change some features available on the helmets and offering a higher range of security to every American Football Player, part of the fantastic family that links million people worldwide.

Expecting Better Changes?

Most of us would like to see safer matches and happier players without any injury or sab experience that affects his life or professional career. We hope to look at the rough games with all players giving their best with no fear of ending their Professional career because of an injury.

With nothing better to say than, take care of your head and least start the first Quarter!

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