What Is a Pick 6 In American Football

What Is a Pick 6 In American Football? Learn More

American Football sport has hundreds of original rules, gears, plays, and phrases, and you will learn about them the more you learn about the game.

One of these unique things is the phrase: pick six. It is one of the most particular phrases in sport, and here we will tell you why.

If you don’t know what a Pick Six is, and want to understand what it means and what it refers to, then read the guide below to learn. You won’t regret it!

What Does Pick-Six Refer To?

Within almost any ball game like football, the dynamic is to pass the ball or ovoid as far as you can accurately. Trying to reach the goal zone to score is usually the reason why long passes happen. And this is not easy to do, as it is not as straightforward as just passing the ball.

In American football, a pass is something that must be premeditated and analyzed to develop the action successfully within a strategy. A quarterback needs to throw the ball, and the runner has to catch – but of course – there’s a defending team who has to avoid that.

Pick 6 in American Football refers to when the defending team catches the ball from the opposing quarterback, and then the defendant runs towards the touchdown zone of the other side.

When a defending team catches the ball before it touches the ground, they automatically become the attacking team. If they achieve a touchdown after robbing the ball this way, it is said they have done a Pick Six.

After this situation, it may get worst; if the team who intercepted the pass achieves the touchdown, it may create another play called Pick Two which refers to the extra points that the team can get from the kick play.

This part of the (Pick) and the part of the (Six) refers to the number of points implicated into the play. Because a touchdown gives six points to the team who achieves it, the play is called a Pick Six.

Similarly, as a kick goal into the Y gives two points to the team, it is called a Pick Two.

Things to consider;

  • The Pick 6 phrase refers to an American Football slang phrase.
  • Pick 6 occurs during a pass interception.
  • It is called Pick 6 because a touchdown is worth six points.
  • The ball’s possession changes when the ball is intercepted.
  • The Pick 6 can create a second play called Pick 2, which refers to the kick for two extra points.
  • This slang started was in the beginnings of the XX century.

Ready to Annotate a Pick Six?

As you know, American football is a sport that has changed exponentially across time. And with this, fans eventually create several phrases and words to describe different achievements or plays happening in a game. The pick-six is one of the most exciting ones.

Knowing about it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to achieve it. Want to become a professional football fan? Then a pick-six is one of those phrases you should know.

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