What is a Safety in American Football

What is a Safety in American Football? Get To Know!

All sports have their quirks and features. And American football has lots of them, maybe too many. Among them, we can find the Safety. This is one of the most exciting plays a team can do. Sometimes, however, it can be one of the worst.

Here we will tell you why a Safety is such an exciting yet dangerous thing to happen in a game to a team. If you want to know more about it – then read up and learn!

The Safety in American Football

Many people find the Safety as a shameful play. Sometimes, however, it can be the only “safe” play a team can perform to get out of an offensive hole. Here’s how a safety happens in a game;

1. First, it starts when a defending team receives or blocks the ball of the offensive. The player, instead of punting or running with the ball decides to down the ball in the end zone.

2. Eventually, this gives the team now being in the offensive after robbing the ball to gain 25 yards away from their dead zone.

3. This helps to avoid common dangers or risk the ball to get into the hands of the opposing them and possibly end in a touchdown.

This play comes from the traditional ways of the game. In the past, a football match had low scores most of the time. Most matches ended with scores such as 6-0 and similar. So, teams decided to make a safety play to avoid risking their small advantage.

A safety was seen more like a defense strategy than like an offensive one. And it works, as it does today. Sadly, many people think it is a foul play to do it today, yet still happens but less often.

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It is also important to know that every safety play gives points to the team who does it. If a team allows a safety after losing the ball, the other side gets two points after it.

Frequently, a safety occurs into the last ten yards as it is the maybe only position that allows this trick to happen. And because of that, it is also one of the most dangerous to do.

Making a down on your dead zone can end up in the other team robbing the ball once again, making the play useless. This could end up in loss of yards and sometimes even in a touchdown for the other team.

However, if done correctly – it can be easily one of the most useful defense strategies in the sport.

Learning About Plays Is Essential to Become a Pro!

As you already know what a safety play is all about, it is time you start practicing when playing. It is one of the less known plays in the sport that have a positive outcome, so knowing about it can be critical.

So, don’t waste more of your time and start practicing. You won’t believe how many advantages it will give you in the field. A safety can easily save one match – and you can be the savior!

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