What To Look For Before Buying A Commercial Treadmill

What To Look For Before Buying A Commercial Treadmill?

A commercial treadmill is an excellent investment. They are durable, strong, and offer good exercise. However, there are many commercial treadmills available for purchase with many different features and specifications.

So most interested buyers will have a burning question in their minds- what to look for before buying a commercial treadmill?  There are some important things to consider that can help narrow your search down.

Let’s see what they are:

Commercial Treadmill Buying Guide

To help with your purchase, you should keep in mind several things to look out for. These include:


One of the deciding factors is how much of a budget you have. Commercial treadmills are sturdier than other treadmills. This also results in a higher price tag.

Their price also varies depending on the brand, model, and program options. So always keep your budget in mind when you’re out shopping for a commercial treadmill.

Treadmill Size

Commercial treadmills come in a variety of sizes. Size is essential to consider as you need to make sure you have space in your house where you plan to place the treadmill. You don’t want to buy a big treadmill that occupies space and makes your room feel cramped.

If you feel like the treadmill might take too much space, an alternative is a folding treadmill. When not in use, they are relatively easy to store and save a lot of space. This makes them an attractive option.

Maximum Weight Rating

Every treadmill has a weight rating that is listed on them. For an easier time when buying, reduce 50-60 pounds from the weight rating listed. This will give you a more accurate weight rating. The maximum weight rating is essential.

A Commercial Treadmill

You should buy a treadmill that can withstand a lot of loads. Treadmills with higher weight ratings are much sturdier and are very safe to run on.

Size Of the Running Belt

The size of the running belt you choose depends on your height. Generally, you’ll want a 48-inch long running belt. For 6 feet tall people, you will benefit from using a longer running belt about 54-56 inches long.

Pick an adequate width for the running belt. The width should be large enough to walk or run on it and have enough space comfortably.

Control Panel

Treadmills also have control panels that monitor things like your speed and heart rate. It’s helpful to get a treadmill with the right control panel as you can keep track of your progress. Make sure you’re also comfortable with the display and interface of your control panel.


After reading this article, we hope you now know what to look for before buying a commercial treadmill. Commercial treadmills offer many things, and getting the right one can be difficult if you don’t keep these points in mind.

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