American Football Players Use Eye Black

Why Do American Football Players Wear Eye Black?

The sun is one of the most helpful things we have in the world. But of course, it can also harm our skin, destroy metal and other materials, and sometimes even decrease our visibility.

In sports, as you know, having total visibility is sometimes crucial to perform well. And especially in American football, the right visibility is vital to do well while playing, make the right throws, catch the ball, and sometimes just seeing other players.

The sun is the enemy of many players in the field, especially in very bright and cloud-free days. Happily, there’s a way to avoid the sun to affect performance. The eye black grease is precisely that – the perfect add-on to keep the sun from changing visibility.

Want to know more about it? Then keep reading and find out!

What is an Eye Black?

Eye black is a greasy paint most sportspeople use to reduce the glare from the sun, increasing their visibility and avoiding getting blinded by sun rays. Sometimes, players use it to prevent the glare from headlamps in stadiums, and even though it does not eliminate it, it reduces glare exponentially.

Players apply it on their cheeks close to their eyes. This deflects glare and helps to reduce visibility problems while playing.

This oily pomade or greasy paint is typically made from beeswax, sometimes with paraffin and carbon to give its color. Some users prefer using stickers that do the same thing, just easier to apply and to remove.

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This product came from 1904 when a baseball player decided to put it in his cheeks to see if it helped. And guess what, it became a total success in sports since then.

In American football, watching passes, other players, and being able to find great spots to throw the ball is essential. When there are too much clarity and glare, the ability to do any of these is reduced. Happily, this wax is a magnificent way to avoid that and get the best performance possible without interfering with rules.

Why Do American Football Players Use Eye Black?

Players are subject to hundreds of distractions when they play football. From fans to noises, music, and sometimes even other players – they always do their best to reduce all of that so they can play more comfortably. Among the things they do, is to add some Eye black in their cheeks.

With many headlamps in a stadium and sometimes with a radiant sun up there, losing visibility can be pretty easy. Instead, players decide to put this waxy black thing in their cheeks and avoid all that.

But using this oily wax also comes with other advantages, especially when it comes to intimidation and looks. Many players accept that they use this waxy grease not only to prevent glare when playing but also to look much more intimidating as the black color adds a special touch on their faces.

Sometimes, players don’t use black Eye Black but instead use wax of different colors, depending on their teams’ color or else. It can be white, red, green, blue, and so on. This helps them identify with their team as well, while also having a positive effect on their visibility.

Purpose of Eye Black

  • The grease version improves contrast sensitivity of the eye.
  • Grease version reduces bright stadium lights.
  • These black lines under the eyes are sometimes to show us messages from players or announcements.
  • Used to intimidate rivals and motivate team members during the battles.

Applying and Remodeling

Applying Eye Black is not a hard thing in any way. However, doing it wrongly may eventually reduce its effects and promote not so much of a helpful addition to the experience. To do it correctly, you just have to;

  • Choose the right color of eye black to put on your cheeks. Make sure it is black or that it combines with your team’s color, or else you may end up looking weird. You can pick two different colors for each cheek.
  • Then pass two fingers on the product (bottle, bar, jar, can, etc.). Do it slightly, so your fingers don’t drip the product, as just a little is enough.
  • Then apply on the cheeks close to the eyes. Making sure it is utilized precisely where the cheekbones end before the eye holes.
  • You’ll be done now. With grease on your cheeks, you will eliminate glare and hopefully look a lot better and intimidating in the field.
  • To remove it, you will only have to get a cotton ball and with a few alcohol drops and that’s it.

Use Eye Black And Get All its Benefits Now!

As you know already, Eye Black is a fantastic & entirely safe product to use in American football. It is one of the few things that with a simple process can improve your overall performance and ability in the field.

Whether you use the grease, the wax, or the sticker version – it will surely become a beneficial thing to do. Don’t hesitate and start getting your cheeks moist with this product – you won’t believe how valuable it is!

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