Why is American Football Called Football

Why is American Football Called Football?

Every sport has a beginning, and commonly, it is that beginning that gives the sport its name. Some games, however, receive their name from a mixture of different factors: geography, rules, source, and its features.

American football is exactly the kind of sport that gets its name from a wide array of things. And that’s precisely why its name may seem ironic, because in the gameplay, feet are not even useful for more than just running.

Here we talk about football and its origins. How it got its name, and why – so keep reading and learn!

History of American Football

To understand why American football is called “football” we need to go back and look at its past, its beginning, where it comes from. American Football was created in the XIX century, first appearing as a mixture of two European sports popular at the time, rugby and soccer (what Europeans known as football).

In the beginning, this sport was played in a very informal way, and the players were mostly jobless people and ex-soldiers. The sport was considered a game of gamblers and indecent people. And it was as almost prohibited by Theodore Roosevelt because of its violent gameplay.

The main reason why American Football is still alive is due to the creation of the American Football Association. This association gathered some teams and created some rules and structure in collaboration with very influent people in that time.

The principal characteristic, which highlights in American football, is the gameplay. It is like a combination that took the core of both rugby and football to create its own rules. But what’s even more interesting, American natives used to play a similar game, involving a ball and running with it towards a goal zone.

So, we could say it is a combination of several things, including two different popular sports, and possible conjunction with a native game in America. Yet, this is not a reason enough to tell exactly why it is called football.

Reasons Why American Football is Called Football

If you analyze the word “football,” we can take two roots: foot and ball. The foot is the part of your body, and the ball is what players use to play with.

Taking a look in the gameplay of American Football, we can realize that the use of the feet to kick the ovoid is not common, so why isn’t its name American rugby instead?

Some parts of the history say that the name football is due to its root on the European football, which Americans call soccer and they left it that way for the traditions.

Another highlighting point is that Americans wanted to differentiate their football from the European one, calling the European (soccer), the American (American football).

Some people say that they did not want to change the name at all, and renamed the European as soccer to cross the difference between both.

One more reason is a bit more analytic. This establishes that this name is due to the division of two roots, foot, and ball. Foot this time refers to the measure rule used in the US, and its length is approximately 1 foot.

The word ball is referring to what they use to play, the ball and its length is one foot approximately. But of course, the ball is not rounded like other balls in other sports; it is ovoid. But the length of an ovoid is one foot approximately.

Therefore, the American football kept its name not just because of its roots in the European football, but more analytically because of a compound between the length of the football, and the football itself. It not that simple as it seems, but not as irrelevant as many think.

Learning the Name is Essential to Become an Expert!

You may not believe this, but millions of fans around the world don’t have an idea why this game calls this way. Learning about its name will surely give you all the understanding of its gameplay and roots that could help you have an edge while playing.

Whether it is because you want to be seen as a more knowledgeable person or just learn more about the sport before starting to play it - knowing its roots is an excellent way to do it. So, don’t hesitate and tell your friends now! They won’t believe it!

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