Why is American Football So Popular

Why is American Football So Popular?

Even though it is not the simplest and most straightforward game out there, it is still one of the most popular. One would say that popular games need to be easy to follow and overall easy to practice. But American football is one of the few that does not support this rule.

Actually, this sport is pretty confusing, especially for beginners. Not knowing what it is all about can be a total headache when watching a match. Still, it manages to be among the most watched sports in the world every year, and yet, many people don’t know why.

We could talk for hours about this and never conclude. But of course, when you know exactly why this happens – there’s no point of doing that. Instead, you can learn why in just a matter of minutes by reading this guide. So don’t waste more of your time and learn!

A Brief History about American Football Beginnings

American Football as we know it nowadays didn’t start from anything. It was full of misfortunes and social scandals that shadowed its public image and how people perceived it. Luckily, thanks to enjoyable and exciting gameplay taken from rugby and soccer, it made its way into the mainstream sports without problems.

Most people who practiced this sport, however, were mostly jobless individuals and part-time workers who had the time to. As it was a violent game, kids mainly were prohibited from playing it, so it became sort of an adult game. Eventually, many people started seeing it as a way to gamble their money away.

However, the first American Football match registered was between the universities of Rutgers and Princeton in 1869. These university teams created the first Game Bowl, and it attracted thousands in the audience giving the game exceptional recognition.

A few years later in 1890, the first American Football Association was created. Here, several rules were introduced into the sport, and many teams were conformed to make of American football less of a gambling game and more of real competition.

During the first decade of 1900, this growing sport almost was prohibited for Theodore Roosevelt because it was unsafe & violent. Many players were close to dying while playing, yet it wasn’t long until the association started creating more and better rules to safeguard the safety of players.

In 1920, the American Amateur Football Association was introduced to the sport (AAFA which four years later will be the actual NFL). Then, new rules gave form to the sport we know today. And of course, it slowly became what it is – a popular, safe, and enjoyable game to watch, especially when it is Super Bowl time.

But Why Is American Football So Important Worldwide?

American Football is one of the most popular games around the world, gathering millions of people in front of the TV every year. But where does this popularity come from?

Well, it started to get popular after the world war two (WWII) finished. More and more people joined the game giving volume to the audience and promoting the opening of more teams. Many entrepreneurs invested in this sport as well at the time.

But it wasn’t until the Super Bowl started that everything went uphill. One night when an NFL team faced an AFL team, this sport started to become the most popular in America. This event is on the top-ranking TV spectacles every year, worldwide.

The American Football is the sport with the highest income worldwide surpassing even soccer and basketball. The American football game is the most inclusive sport in the world with players of all races, physical conditions, and capacities, even deaf people.

One of the key facts is that this game has a fundamental purpose in universities and academic opportunities. Many students get scholarships to play this game and study and eventually improve their work opportunities if they don’t become professionals.

Football college is as prestigious as the NFL; this league produces many players who eventually finish playing in a professional association or end up with a college degree as a cause of playing in an American football team.

And that’s why it has become so popular with time. People in America love it not only because of how fun it is, but because it gives the chance to work, study, and still have fun playing it. Young and old people can benefit from being involved in it, and that makes it precious.

American Football Is Very Popular And So Can You!

Becoming a player or a fan of American football will quickly give you exceptional advantages in social environments. Learning about the sport is all you need to improve your skills as a player, and hopefully, have many more things to say about it.

So, want to become an American Football pro? Then knowing why it is so popular is essential. This guide will surely help you become the expert you’ve always wanted to be!

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